How to change the oil in a

Fiat 124 Spider

Changing oil isn't hard and it doesn't take long. Learn to do it every three thousand miles
and keep your Fiat 124 Spider in great running shape for many years.


Over the years, the Fiat 124 Spider engine changed displacement, going from 1438cc all the way up to 1995cc. Oil brands have changed over the years as well, but the basic properties of the filters have stayed the same as far as mounting threads and gasket diameter. These are a few of the filters I have used successfully over the years on a variety of Fiat 124 engines. Some have been discontinued by their manufacturers but you can use their old part numbers to cross-reference in the auto parts store catalog.















Modern synthetic motor oils are amazing, but they are also far too expensive for any beater car. Synthetics stand up to very high temperatures and flow better than conventional oils at low temperatures. It is that flow characteristic that makes them even less economical to use in your older Fiat engines (newer models are different). The synthetic oil is apt to flow so well that it leaks out more easily and will need topping up more often.





Taller oil filters will hold a small amount more of motor oil and present more surface area for heat surrender. The shorter filters are a better choice if you have an after-market oil cooler fitted to your car that uses a sandwich adapter at the filter mount. The short filter will give you more clearance below the car.





Right from the factory the Fiat 124 Spider came with an indented oil drain plug that takes a 12mm Allen-head wrench. You can get a good one at any store that sells automotive tools. DO NOT use a 3/8 ratchet drive as it is square, will not fit, and you may damage the drain plug if you try it. Many Fiats have been updated to a conventional hex-head bolt-type plug, so you can use a regular combination wrench or socket for them. Sizes vary, so check the drain plug on your car before you begin.




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