Fiat 124 Sport Engine 1592cc 1973

Overhead view of the rebuilt 1592 motor. Two Camshafts, No Waiting!
Exhaust manifold side view has alternator and engine mounts visible.
Camshaft-driven distributor not yet installed.
Earlier engines had an aluminum timing belt cover. Later ones had extension for AIR injection pump. Notice timing marks
low & to the right of the crank pulley.
Hefty aluminum intake manifold is water cooled.
With starter installed, this side gets crowded.
Mechanical fuel pump is next to crankcase breather under intake manifold.
Fiat block casting numbers are above freeze plugs.
Oil warning light sensor is at the top of the oil filter mount.
Gauge sender is "can" to the right of it.
View from the flywheel side down between the cam galleys.

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