How to replace front wheel bearings on a Mercedes Benz 300SL


Replacing the front wheel bearings on a Mercedes-Benz 300SL (R129)
Cars use tapered roller bearings like these in pairs because they are excellent for handling both radial and axial loads during rotation.
Each front wheel hub takes both inner and outer bearings and races, along with an inner grease seal.


The splines on the inside edge vof the hub work with the ABS anti-lock braking sensors.


An easy and effective way to pack the bearings with grease is to use a tool like this one from Lisle.


Traditionally, wheel bearings can be effectively packed by placing a blob of grease in your palm and then using a pulling/scraping motion to push it over the rollers.



A dial indicator is mandatory to set the bearing run-out correctly. A digital one like this can be had for under $100.


The end clamping nut is held in place by a 5mm cap screw.


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